OMS-PROMEK focused to achive the result of a strong vertical integration to produce forged, heat treated and machined parts to adapt to the market and clients needs with a flexible and dynamic structure of production.

The know how of the entire process from the design of the forged part to the final machined part allow the group OMS-PROMEK to be a strategic partner for its customers in different mechanical fields.


OMS produces its parts by hot forging and steel extrusion process, obtaining “near net shape” raw mechanical elements.

There are 9 hot forging lines:

  • N° 6 lines with screw presses lines, 400,650,1000,2000 ant two 5300 tons
  • N° 2 lines with mechanical presses 1600 and 3250 tons
  • N° 1 line with rolling mill Smeral ULS 100 RA for the production of shafts (bar section from 40mm to 100mm) for automotive field.

All tools and dies are built internally into OMS hot forging mechanical workshop.


The Heat Treatment plant has been built by Gadda Company with the specifications of OMS and started the production in 2019.
In this plant are carried out stress relievings, machinability annealings, isothermal, subcritical and globular heat treatments.
This department is equipped with a metallurgical laboratory able to verify that customers specifications are respected, it has CQI-9 approval for automotive field.

The department is equipped also with 3 shot blasting machines, N° 2 TA20 and N°1 TA30.
The heat Treatment department offers also this service for other forging companies of the region.


Promek is specialized in production of precision metallic components such as semi-finished gears, hubs, flanges and many other mechanical parts based on clients requirements, customizable according to their technical needs. The machinery equipment is large, composed by Anthropomorphic Robots, Lathes, Vertical Workstations, Broachings.