OMS constantly produces its parts in high quality forging process (“near net shape” and “net shape”), minimizing the waste of steel and facilitating the following machining process, improving raw surfaces and minimizing costs for its customers as much as possible.

Is possible to group OMS products, produced in hot forging process or machined, in different “families”

  • Synchronizer bodies (Trucks)
  • Gears (Agricultural, Earth moving, Trucks, Cars)
  • Bevel pairs (Agricultural, Earth moving, Trucks, Cars)
  • Drive shafts (Agricultural, Earth moving, Trucks, Cars)
  • Undercarriage (Agricultural, Earth moving)
  • Drive shafts (Agricultural)

Promek always invested money in high quality equipment to guarantee its customers high standard production they need, both in terms of quantity and quality.
For this reason Promek can offer today a wide range of products both in steel and cast iron and aluminium.


  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Broaching


  • Flanges
  • Hubs
  • Semi-finished gears
  • Pump bodies
  • Accessories for the car and motorcycles industry
  • Semi-finished satellites
  • Semi-finished planetary
  • Materials used: steel, cast iron, aluminium